Emily Petruccelli: Kaun Lab, Dept Neuroscience, 2016-18 (Assistant Professor, Dept. Biology, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville)

Edward Anderson: Kaun Lab, Dept Neuroscience, 2017 (University of North Carolina Catalyst for Rare Disease Postdoctoral Research Associate)


Nicholas Mei: MSc Brown University Neuroscience Graduate Program, 2014-17 (Software Engineer Allen Institute for Brain Science)

Sarah Salamon: MSc University of Cologne, 2017 (PhD Candidate, University of Cologne)


Yanabah Jaques (Cognitive Neuroscience 2016-18, PREP 2018-19 (Graduate School in Neuroscience, University of California Berkeley)

Nishell Savory: PREP 2016-17 (Research Technician, Water Reed Army Medical Center)


Honors Thesis:

Sophia Song: Neuroscience, Brown University 2016-19 (Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University)

Sydney Gang: Neuroscience, Brown University 2017-19 (Research Assistant, Dana Farber Institute)

Ryan Cohen: Biology, Brown University 2017-19 (Continuing Education in Computer Science, Columbia University)

Nicolas Ledru: Biology, Brown University 2014-16 (Medical Scientist Training Program, Washington University)

Rachel Muster: Neuroscience, Brown University 2014-16 (Medical School, University of California San Francisco)

Independent Study

Tyler Blackwater: Brown University 2016-19

Fahim Mahmud: Brown University 2017-18

Karen Gutierrez: Brown University 2016-17 (Medical Science Teacher, Alliance College-Ready Public Schools)

Gina Chieffallo: Brown University 2016-17

Hayley Bounds: Brown University 2014-15 (Graduate School in Neuroscience, University of  California Berkeley)

Edward Lee: Brown University 2014 (Medical School, Loma Linda University)

Summer Students:

Jaclyn Dell: University of South Florida, St. Petersburg 2016 (Graduate School in Clinical Psychology, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg)

Samantha Huynh: Brown University 2015

Sophie Yan: Brown University 2015

Alex Chen: New York University 2014 (Graduate School in Neuroscience, University of Michigan)



Michael Feyder: Biochemist research assistant 2014-17 (Graduate School in Biochemistry, University of Massachusetts Medical School)

Amanda Waterman

Research Assistant Department of Neuroscience I'm investigating how alcohol regulates Notch signaling, and how this affects dopamine receptor localization.