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NIDA R01DA058947 with collaborators Dr. Kate O'Connor-Giles (Neuroscience) and Dr. Erica Larschan (MCB)

Gene regulation in memory circuits as a consequence of polysubstance use

NIGMS R01GM115510 with collaborators Dr. Sarah Certel (University of Montana) and Dr. Steve Stowers (Montana State University)

Function of dual neurotransmitter usage in aggression

Hubert & Richard Hanlon Trust Grant Award with collaborators Dr. Carolina Haass-Koffler, Dr. Tara White and Dr. John McGeary
The stress factor: Understanding the role of norepinephrine in Alcohol Use Disorder.
NIAAA R01AA024434

Notch dependent microcircuit regulation of alcohol reward memory

Brown University Seed funding

Establishing a Drosophila model for opioid self-administration ​

Brown University Salomon Award

Molecules for Need and Want

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