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Hubert & Richard Hanlon Trust Grant Award with collaborators Dr. Carolina Haass-Koffler, Dr. Tara White and Dr. John McGeary
The stress factor: Understanding the role of norepinephrine in Alcohol Use Disorder.
NIAAA R01AA024434

Notch dependent microcircuit regulation of alcohol reward memory

Brown University Seed funding

Establishing a Drosophila model for opioid self-administration ​


Whole-brain mapping of opiate sensitive circuits in Drosophila
Carney Institute Innovation Award with collaborator Kate O'Connor-Giles

Understanding contributions of alternative splicing to appetitive memory

BIBS and NPNI New Frontier Pilot Award with collaborator John McGeary

The role of Microfibrillar Associated Protein 2 (MFAP2) and Notch 1 in alcohol cravings

United States - Israel Binational Science Foundation
Start Up Grant 2015005 with collaborator Moshe Parnas

Dopamine microcircuits for reward

BIBS Center for Nervous System Function COBRE
Project Leader Award P20GM103645 (NIGMS)

Microcircuits for reward driven decisions in Drosophila

Smith Family Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research

Neuro-molecular mechanisms of alcoholism

Thanks to the Richard and Susan Family Foundation, Newton, MA for this award!

Rhode Island Foundation Medical Research Fund 20144133

Neuronal mechanisms underlying rewarding memories of alcohol intoxication

RI-INBRE Early Career Development Award P20GM103430 (NIGMS)

The role of Notch signaling in alcohol reward memory

Brown University Seed funding with collaborator Gilad Barnea

Establishing a technique for studying the neural circuits underlying alcohol responses in flies

Warren Alpert Research Fund