Karla R Kaun, PhD
Karla R Kaun, PhD

Lab Head Associate Professor Dept. Neuroscience 401-863-5825 karla_kaun@brown.edu Office: Rm 362, 185 Meeting St.

Reza Azanchi
Reza Azanchi

Lab Manager 401-863-5832 reza_azanchi@brown.edu

Kristin Scaplen, PhD
Kristin Scaplen, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience I'm an Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at Bryant University, and collaborate with the Kaun Lab to understand how mushroom body circuits function during acquisition and expression of appetitive memories for alcohol. kristin_scaplen@brown.edu

Amanda Waterman
Amanda Waterman

Research Assistant Department of Neuroscience I'm investigating localization of dopamine receptors and provide molecular support for lab members. amanda_waterman@brown.edu

Kavin Nunez
Kavin Nunez

Graduate Student Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology Graduate Program I'm interested in how changes in internal state affect alcohol memory through neuromodulation. kavin_nunez@brown.edu

Tariq Brown
Tariq Brown

Graduate Student Neuroscience Graduate Program I'm interested in how splicing of the dopamine 2 receptor affects circuit dynamics during appetitive behavioral responses. tariq_brown@brown.edu

Dr. John McGeary
Dr. John McGeary

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavior I'm a clinician and scientist based at the Providence VA Medical Center and provide collaborative expertise in the translational relevance of scientific projects in the Kaun Lab. john_mcgeary@brown.edu

John Hernandez, PhD
John Hernandez, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Neuroscience I'm looking at the neural circuit mechanisms underlying individual variation in operant responses to volatilized drugs of abuse in Drosophila. john_hernandez@brown.edu

Jackie Howells
Jackie Howells

Graduate Student Pathobiology Graduate Program Co-Supervisor: Dr. Marc Tatar, Dept. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology I'm investigating how tau regulates neurodegeneration and behavior in Drosophila. jacqueline_howells@brown.edu

Eve Glenn
Eve Glenn

Undergraduate Student Neuroscience Concentration I'm investigating the microbehaviors associated with escalation of alcohol self-administration. eve_glenn@brown.edu



Natalie D'Silva: Kaun Lab, Dept. Neuroscience 2018-21 (Vascular Research Laboratory, Providence VA Medical Center)

Kristin Scaplen: Kaun Lab, Dept Neuroscience, 2014-20 (Assistant Professor, Dept. Psychology, Bryant University)

Emily Petruccelli: Kaun Lab, Dept Neuroscience, 2016-18 (Assistant Professor, Dept. Biology, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville)


Jamie Catalano: PhD Candidate, Brown University Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology Graduate Program, 2018-21

Katie McCullar: PhD Candidate, Brown University Neuroscience Graduate Program, 2018-21

Nicholas Mei: MSc Brown University Neuroscience Graduate Program, 2014-17 (Software Engineer Allen Institute for Brain Science)

Sarah Salamon: MSc University of Cologne, 2017 (PhD Candidate, University of Cologne)


Yanabah Jaques (Cognitive Neuroscience 2016-18, PREP 2018-19 (Graduate School in Neuroscience, University of California Berkeley)

Nishell Savory: PREP 2016-17 (Research Technician, Water Reed Army Medical Center)


Honors Thesis:

Raffee Wright: Behavior Genetics, Brown University 2021 (University of Pennsylvania Postbaccalaureate Research Program)

Vaishnavi Sankar: Neuroscience, Brown University 2021 (Baylor Medical School)

Sophia Song: Neuroscience, Brown University 2019 (Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University)

Sydney Gang: Neuroscience, Brown University 2019 (Research Assistant, Dana Farber Institute)

Ryan Cohen: Biology, Brown University 2019 (Continuing Education in Computer Science, Columbia University)

Nicolas Ledru: Biology, Brown University 2016 (Medical Scientist Training Program, Washington University)

Rachel Muster: Neuroscience, Brown University 2016 (Medical School, University of California San Francisco)

Independent Study

Mariel Magdits: Neuroscience, Brown University 2021

Tyler Blackwater: Computational Biology, Brown University 2019

Fahim Mahmud: Neuroscience, Brown University 2018

Karen Gutierrez: Neuroscience, Brown University 2017 (Stanford Medical School)

Gina Chieffallo: CLPS, Brown University 2017

Hayley Bounds: Neuroscience Brown University 2015 (Graduate School in Neuroscience, University of  California Berkeley)

Edward Lee: Biology, Brown University 2014 (Medical School, Loma Linda University)

Summer Students:

Anthony Walley: Neuroscience, Presidential Scholar, Brown University 2020

Jack Martin: Biology and Native American and Indigenous Studies, Brown University 2019

Destinee Semidey: Hunter College 2019

Breanna Demestichas:  Binghampton University 2019

Jaclyn Dell: University of South Florida, St. Petersburg 2016 (Graduate School in Clinical Psychology, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg)

Samantha Huynh: Brown University 2015

Sophie Yan: Brown University 2015

Alex Chen: New York University 2014 (Graduate School in Neuroscience, University of Michigan)


Edward Anderson: Kaun Lab, Dept Neuroscience, 2017 (University of North Carolina Catalyst for Rare Disease Postdoctoral Research Associate)

Michael Feyder: Biochemist research assistant 2014-17 (Graduate School in Biochemistry, University of Massachusetts Medical School)