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Hiring 2 Molecular Scientists!

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

The Kaun Lab and collaborators at Brown University are looking for two molecular research scientists:

Position 1: Senior Research Assistant / Staff Scientist: Project focused on understanding the functional role of gene regulatory networks during development and plasticity. Experience and in-depth knowledge of molecular biology is required. Experience performing single cell transcriptomics experiments would be helpful. This is intended to be a long-term position for someone interested in working with a collaborative network of labs at Brown (Kaun, O'Connor-Giles, Larschan, Fleischmann) interested in understanding how gene regulatory networks change during development and with memory formation across species.

Major duties will include:

1) Performing molecular biology experiments including single cell multiomic experiments

2) Performing spatial transcriptomic experiments

3) Performing and troubleshooting molecular biology experiments

4) Performing biochemistry experiments

5) Collaborative bioinformatic analysis of transcriptomic and multiomic data

6) Coordinating collaborative efforts between multiple labs

Position 2: Junior Research Assistant: Project focused on understanding the molecular basis of addiction. Experience working with Drosophila is required. This position is ideal for someone that interested in working in a lab for 1-2 years to gain research experience.

Major duties include:

1) Performing Drosophila husbandry and genetics

2) Performing fly brain dissection, immunohistochemistry and microscopy

3) Performing basic molecular biology experiments

4) Performing basic biochemistry experiments

For both positions, pay will be competitive for the greater New England area and will correspond to qualifications and experience. We are looking for candidates that enjoy working in a dynamic, collaborative, inclusive and interdisciplinary environment.

To learn more about the positions and apply go to:

Questions? Please contact:

Karla R. Kaun, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Neuroscience

Division of Biology and Medicine

Brown University, Box GL-N

Providence, RI 02912

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