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We are hiring!

Updated: May 6

We are looking for a molecular biologist to join our team!

This position will have five major duties: 1) performing and assisting lab members on molecular biology experiments, 2) performing DNA extraction and sequencing, 3) performing Drosophila brain dissection, immunohostochemistry and comparative fluorescent imaging, 4) assisting in cell extraction for single cell mulitomic experiments and 5) Drosophila husbandry, maintenance and genetics.

The Kaun Laboratory uses molecular and genetic tools available in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to investigate the neural substrates of memory, reward, and addiction at the molecular and cellular level. The Laboratory’s goal is to develop the fly as a model to study more complex behavioral aspects associated with addiction. A multi-tiered approach is used to understand the genes, molecules, and neural circuits underlying these complex behaviors. A combination of molecular biology and bioinformatics is utilized to understand the molecular mechanisms through which memory circuits respond to drugs of abuse. An interdisciplinary approach is used that combines molecular genetics with behavioral analysis to understand the in vivo mechanism of memories at the level of individual circuits and their component cells.

Apply on the Brown Career site: REQ189268

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